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Supreme Sports Enhancements: CreaVate, 30 Servings

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The Future of Creatine Supplementation


• Higher peak plasma concentrations of creatine
• Higher muscular creatine levels
• Faster absorption
• Slower elimination
• Increased metabolizable substrate (pyruvate) for use by enterocytes
• No loading phase
• Lower dosage required
• Greater increases in lean muscle mass, strength, and physical performance, demonstrated in human studies
• Greater endurance due to enhanced activity of the aerobic metabolism
• Supported by multiple human studies
(Compared to Creatine Monohydrate and other creatine salts. For a full list of scientific studies, please visit ingredient site


DO NOT compare CreaVate to creatine monohydrate; CreaVate is much better than ordinary creatine monohydrate, or any other form of creatine!  The effects of CreaVate can NOT be replicated using ANY dosage of monohydrate, these are an entirely new set of EFFECTS!  CreaVate is the ONLY creatine molecule in the WORLD that is scientifically proven to deliver MORE MUSCLE MASS, MORE STRENGTH, MORE ENDRUANCE, and MORE GAINS! You CAN NOT replicate the effects of CreaVate with any other form of creatine, even in higher doses, as these effects are unique to the Creatine Pyruvate bonded molecule! 


CreaVate Creatine Pyruvate is a novel creatine molecule bound to pyruvic acid, and it is the only creatine in the world that has been scientifically proven to be superior to creatine monohydrate. CreaVate is a combination of Creatine and Pyruvate, both of which are impressive energy producers and have been highly touted for building muscle and enhancing power, endurance, and overall athletic performance. The performance-enhancing effects of creatine and pyruvate are combined for the first time in this unique compound, designed to increase lean muscle mass, strength, energy, and endurance. 


Although creatine monohydrate – the first commercially marketed form of creatine - is a great product, it’s not perfect. The workhorse of the compound is the creatine, not the single hydrogen atom (the monohydrate) found in each molecule. By simply bonding creatine to something else – something that has synergy with the creatine molecule – a more effective version of creatine can be produced. Pyruvate has the ability to enhance the transport of both glucose and protein into muscle cells, thereby increasing the amount of available ATP. As you may recall, ATP is converted into energy to produce power for your muscles to contract. It is also is the compound which initiates the energy cycle leading to the production of ATP substrates and precursors.


When examined against creatine citrate, creatine pyruvate has been shown to result in a greater mean power output in test subjects. When combined with creatine, creatine pyruvate (CrPyr) can produce a higher peak creatine concentration in the body than creatine monohydrate or creatine citrate, for that matter. This higher peak creatine level has additionally been shown to translate to more muscle gained, more fat lost, increased strength and power, and improved performance. Pyruvate is similar to a turbo charger for an engine – it doesn’t do much on its own, but when you attach it to an engine, you end up with twice as much horsepower. That’s exactly what happens when you combine pyruvate with creatine.


Interestingly, new scientific studies have revealed that even creatine monohydrate increases IGF-1 locally in muscle tissue and inhibits Myostatin, although these effects are small, but these effects are PROFOUND when using CreaVate! (This is because CreaVate™ achieves much higher peak blood plasma levels.) These effects are SO MUCH MORE than just normal creatine mono, which I must say is still pretty darn effective for a natural substance! CreaVate™ is on an ENTIRELY NEW LEVEL though, so stop thinking of CreaVate™ as creatine because it is a WHOLE NEW ANIMAL! MORE MUSCLE MASS, MORE STRENGTH, MORE ENDURANCE, MORE IGF-1, LESS MYOSTATIN, EXTREME MUSCLE HARDNESS, FULLNESS, AND DEFINITION (when lean)!


*Mixing: CreaVate has NO fillers or excipients and has a naturally occurring slightly bitter taste, which is easily masked when mixed with juices or Pre/Intra-Workout supplements. 


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