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Phase One: Anabolic Cuts (Cyclevar, Laxo)

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Phase One Nutrition – Mass Stack includes Phase One Nutrition – Laxovar Phase One Nutrition – CycleVar

LAXOVAR is a must have for both males and females! This powerful product yields all the benefits of a true anabolic with non of the side effects. LAXOVAR can improve body composition while increasing your protein synthesis intake. This product simply works wonders in the body! Phase One Nutrition – LACOVAR is a great product and may help anyone looking to increase strength, size, and increased recovery. Furthermore, LAXOVAR does not interfere with hormone production making it a great addition to both men and women.

CYCLEVAR is the ULTIMATE SCULPTING FORMULA! Anyone looking to add a few pounds of lean muscle mass and get that tight defined look, this product is a must! Great for anytime of the year, but extremely great for SUMMER TIME! GET READY! Phase One Nutrition’s team knocked it out of the park with this one! This supplement may be perfect for lean muscle and strength gains. The introductory product for our new hardcore Series, Phase One Nutrition – CYCLEVAR is just that. If you want real results, you’ve come to the right place. Featuring 300mg of epiandro and 100mg of Laxosterone for adding lean mass andcutting body fat. Customer Reviews

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