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Hybrid: Hybrilean, W/AMP Citrate, 120 Capsules

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Fast-acting fat-loss agent


When you’ve worked tirelessly at something, when you’ve established a goal and met it, when you’ve overcome an obstacle or obstacles, you don’t mind showing off the results. And cutting season is just around the corner; calorie counting, cardio, high reps/short rests… that time when we set our goals, we encounter our obstacles, and we try our patience.


And HYBRILEAN is the most useful piece in the puzzle that is the summer you. Helping to streamline your fat-loss objectives, HYBRILEAN is much more than a simple fat loss product, containing ingredients that also help in blood sugar modulation, thermogenesis, and energy.


  • Increases fat loss capacity/metabolism (Olive Leaf, Green Coffee Bean, Banaba)
  • Increases thermogenesis/body temperature (Caffeine, AMP Citrate, Capsicum)
  • Increases energy (Caffeine, AMP Citrate, Higenamine)
  • Decreases appetite/blood glucose (Green Coffee Bean, Caffeine, Banaba, AMP Citrate)

HYBRILEAN is certainly going to heat things up!


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