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Phase One: Super Shred (Lean, Function Stack)

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Phase One Nutrition – Shred Stack is the ideal stack for anyone looking to cut body fat without sacrificing strength or size. With Epiandrosterone and Laxogenin paired together users may expect...

Phase One Nutrition – LEAN PHASE’s unique formula gives new meaning to the crowded world of thermogenic supplements. A concentrated formula of ingredients that may help with appetite suppressant, may help give you a thermogenic effect, may give you a clean energy boost, may help with mental focus, and may increase your metabolism. LEAN PHASE super thermo should be taken in the morning with food for the first week while your body gets adjusted to the ingredients. Experienced users can use up to 2 caps a day if needed. Check Out The Ingredients: Vitamin B3 – 15 mg Vitamin B6 – 5 mg Caffeine Anhydrous – 300 mg L-Tyrosine – 175 mg 2-Aminoisoheptane – 150 mg Beta-Phenethylamine – 25 mg Citrus Aurantium Extract – 10 mg Black Pepper Extract – 5 mg Yohimbine HCl -3 mg Cayenne – 2 mg

FUNCTION was formulated with three specific things in mind, *REDUCING STRESS *INCREASING METABOLISM *DECREASING CORTISOLin the body. When these three things are in balance you simply FEEL and LOOK BETTER! Cortisol is the mothership of all stress. When stress is high, losing body fat and building a strong physique is further and further away from attainable.

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