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EvoMuse: Eviscerate Smolder

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NEW Eviscerate Smolder: Topical Fat Loss Catalyst!



Eviscerate Smolder, like its meaner cousin, is designed to weld away unsightly fatty deposits from stubborn areas. SMOLDER features a lowered capsaicin content, to reduce the burning sensation. Eviscerate SMOLDER also incorporates several skin tightening ingredients as well as a boosted subcutaneous diuretic content to make results visible that much quicker. Benefits:

* Burn Fat, but without the Burning Sensation
* Reduce Stubborn Fat Deposits
* Reduce The Appearance of Cellulite
* Enhance Definition
* Shed Excess Water
* Increase Vascularity

Eviscerate Smolder was formulated to take full advantage of mutiple fatty acid transport system. Eviscerate Smolder was designed to reduce stubborn fat deposits, reduce appearance of cellulite, enhance definition, and increase vascularity.

Don't Store Fat, Eviscerate it! Reveal the Lean Underneath!

  • Model: 48070
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  • Manufactured by: Evomuse

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