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Species: Isolyze, Chocolate Peanut Butter 3.11lb

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100% Pure Cold-Filtered Whey Isolate

  • 27 Grams of Protein per Serving
  • High in Immunoglobulins, Lactoferrin, and Glycomacropeptides
  • No Sugar, Lactose, or Fat

Isolyze has no carbohydrates, no lactose (milk sugar), and no fat. It is the purest and most biogically available source of whey protein on the planet. Isolyze is 100% pure, cold-filtered, whey protein isolate with the highest yield of whey protein available on the market at an amazing 27 grams of protein per serving.

We use a sophisticated cold filtration system that carefully separates out the delicate whey protein without damaging it. This procedure has the added benefit of preserving 3 valuable components of whey; immunoglobins, lactoferrins, and glycomacropeptides that are necessary for optimal immune system function and protein synthesis reactions.*

And if all this weren't enough, Isolyze tastes great too! Gone are the days of the chemical or sour-tasting whey isolates! With Isolyze, you get the best of both worlds- great quality and great taste!

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  • Shipping Weight: 3.5lbs
  • Manufactured by: Species Nutrition

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