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Antaeus Labs: Lipomorph II

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Antaeus Labs are proud to present LipoMorph, a weight-management supplement at the cutting edge of scientific understanding of human physiology. LipoMorph is the first “fat burner” supplement to specifically target all known modifiable mechanisms of white fat browning, and both brown and beige fat activation.

Octopamine 112mg *
Ilex Kudungcha 65mg *
Menthol - Cyclodextrin 25mg *
Stearoyl Vanillylamide 7mg *
Vitamin A 3.3mg *
N-Caffeoyldopamine 5mg *
Pentamethylquercetin 44.4mg *
Oleoylethanolamine 100mg *

90 caps

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  • Manufactured by: Antaeus Labs

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