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Antaeus Labs: 3,5-T2 180 Capsules Expire 05/2018

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When it comes to fat burners 3,5 T-2 offers a radically different approach to fat loss which could see this being considered as the frontline for anyone seeking improved definition. Where most fat burners that produce results quickly rely on stimulants, 3,5 T-2 acts as a thyroid mimetic, in other words like the thyroid hormone itself. Acting in this capacity means 3,5 T-2 directly increases the amount of calories converted into heat which increases fat loss but also makes it possible to consume more calories while remaining in a lean condition. As a fast acting fat loss catalyst 3,5 T-2 is research proven to works exceptionally well to deliver rapid fat loss and without the need for stimulants making it perfect for night time use to maximise fat loss around the clock.



3,5 T-2 is an unusual supplement in that while most will think of it as a fat burner, it can also be used as a way to improve your ability to stay lean when bulking. As such, while most will use this while dieting, anyone seeking to gain lean mass without fat gain can also benefit from 3,5 T-2.



3,5-T2 is ideal for people looking for a highly-effective, non-stimulant weight loss agent. It can be run on its own, but for optimal effect, one could combine 3,5-T2 with both Lipomorph and Superstim. 3,5-T2 should amplify the effects of the former due to its ability to induce thermogenesis in brown adipose tissue, and should amplify the latter due to its effects on overall metabolic rate.



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