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Cloma Pharma: Methyldrene-25, 100 Capsules


On cardio days, I take 1 pill with breakfast and another after lunch. The combination of the "ECA" and Hoodia makes an excellent mix of appetite suppression, energy and enhanced alertness. While I'm sitting at my computer at work, I'm far more focused on my work and best of all, my urges for munching on snacks is pretty much eliminated. After the 2nd pill in the afternoon, I'm not really hungry by the time I get home from work. I've tried Hoodia by itself for a few months, but the appetite suppression was no where near the intensity as Methyldrene 25. Since I only take this on cardio days, I do notice a more intense urge to walk further, or ride the stationary bike longer. I like that feeling of "ERRRRRRR!!!" You know that feeling (like you don't want to sit still) when a supplement is really working and you can actually feel more energized? (Like when you first took ECA?) Make sure you drink plenty of water, and just as a suggestion (I think it may be on the bottle) take this product for about 2 weeks straight and then take a week off, so your body doesn't build a tolerance. Personally, I also drink a couple cups of coffee (~12 oz or more) through out the day as well. I wouldn't recommend this if you haven't taken these products before as you can get the jitters. Not sure on the actual fat burning yet, as I got a lot to lose, but in the meantime, it provides the added boost that I need to get my butt moving and suppresses my urges to snack.
Date Added: 12/19/2012 by Richard Brown
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