ABL Pharma: Phentamene XT, 60 Capsules

ABL Pharma: Phentamene XT, 60 Capsules

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ABL Pharma Phentamene XT

  • Clinically Dosed Ingredients
  • Extreme Fat Loss
  • Increased Energy

ABL Pharma Phentamene XT is a powerful thermogenic fat burner that’s designed to help you get lean fast. Experience fast fat loss, more energy, mood elevation, and hunger control with Phentamene XT!

Phentamene XT Ingredients

Caffeine Anhydrous - 350mg - This is, of course, the most common stimulant in the world. Caffeine increases energy and alertness. It also stimulates thermogenesis. This type of caffeine has all the moisture removed. This makes the caffeine more concentrated. (1)

DMHA - 100mg - Also known as Octodrine, this is a stimulant that’s similar to DMAA. This is the hard to come by stimulant you'll find in the most hardcore pre-workouts. DMHA is thought to work by extending the effects of the neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine. This promotes feelings of euphoria and alertness. (2)

Synephrine HCL - 100mg - This is also known as bitter orange. Synephrine was the original replacement for ephedra back in the day. It has similar effects that include thermogenesis and increased energy. It also elevates focus and supports appetite control. (3)

Eleuthero Root Extract - 80 mg - This is similar to ginseng. It has a long history of use in traditional Chinese medicine. Eleuthero acts as a stimulant and adaptogen. It increases energy and may improve cognitive function. By acting as an adaptogen, Eleuthero helps the body deal with stress. This can be important if you’re following a calorie-restricted diet and exercising for fat loss. (4)

Hordenine HCL -  45 mg -  This is a nootropic that’s derived from Bitter Orange. It promotes energy and focus. Some resources indicate it helps the body use stored fat for energy.