AllMax: Impact Igniter

AllMax: Impact Igniter

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Impact Igniter By Allmax Nutrition - Pre Workout

What Is It?

Allmax Impact Igniter Pre Workout is loaded with effective ingredients at scientific research-based dosages that work together to produce unbelievable results. Impact Igniter inspires extreme motivation and focus through its' powerful blend of intense stimulants and cognitive enhancement agents.

How Does It Work?

Allmax Impact Igniter contains useful ingredients that have been included in dozens of studies from around the world and have shown impressive results. Adding this pre workout to your intense training schedule can help your muscles adapt and recover faster than ever before.

Additionally, Impact Igniter includes ingredients that help increase our metabolism and the rate of burning fat. These ingredients help increase both the release of stored fat and the burning of that fat for fuel.  Shifting metabolism to burning fat during training spares muscle energy and promotes increased lean muscle mass. 

Allmax Impact Igniter provides the perfect combination of extreme focus, intense motivation, and explosive energy for you to crush those fitness goals. 


  • Muscle Swelling Pump Activator: Increases blood flow rate and oxygen transportation to active muscles.
    • L-Citrulline Malate (2:1)
    • Agmapure (Agmatine Sulfate)
    • Taurine
    • NAC (N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine)
  • Muscle Endurance Activator: Supports increased endurance and reduced lactic acid build-up.
    • Beta Alanine
    • Coconut Water Powder (Cocus nucifera, fruit)
  • Explosive Impact Stim Matrix: Helps increase usage of fatty acids for energy.
    • [Higenamine HCL, Synephrine HCL & Hordenine HCL]
  • AFT Active Fat Transporter: Supports the usage of Free Fatty Acids for energy.
    • L-Carnitine L-Tartrate
    • Caffeine (Dicaffeine Malate, Natural Caffeine [Coffee canephora, seed extract] & Caffeine Citrate)
  • AlphaMind Advanced Focus: Cognitive enhancement agents work to improve motivation and focus.
    • Lionize (Lion's Mane Mushroom [Hericium erinaceus] mycelium extract)
    • Alpha GPC (std. 50% Alpha Glycerol-Phosphoryl-Choline)
  • Advanced Absorption Blend: Aids in improved absorption of ingredients, leading to increased effects.
    • Cinnulin PF (Cinnamomum cassia & burmanni] bark extract
    • BioPerine (Black Pepper [Piper nigrum] fruit extract std. min 95% Piperine)

What Should I Expect?

  • Enhanced Focus 
  • Explosive Energy 
  • Improved Physical Performance 
  • Enhanced Muscle Pumps 
  • Increased Endurance 
  • Reduced Recovery Time 
  • Increased Fat Burning 
  • Thermogenic Effects 

Who Should Take It/ Who Shouldn’t Take It?

This product is for those who have experienced high-dose stimulant pre workouts before.  If you are looking for a pre workout that can give you insane energy and want to actually feel it working then Impact Igniter is for you.

This product contains potent stimulants. If you have not taken high-dose stimulants and still want to try Impact Igniter, assess tolerance with half a scoop first.