Select CBD: Focus Pen 250mg

Select CBD: Focus Pen 250mg

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Select CBD - Focus Spearmint Disposable Pen

If you are on the hunt for an easy to use, incredibly delicious, highly effective CBD vape pen, then you are going to adore this disposable CBD vape pen from Select CBD. When you need to push through that busy work day and need an added boost of focus, reach for the Focus Spearmint vape pen and get ready to get busy. This pen is the perfect way to keep that chill vibe but still be able to focus on the important tasks at hand. With a perfect combination of high-grade CBD and carefully selected botanical ingredients, this product provides the user with a truly premium CBD experience. When you want to treat yourself to the absolute best CBD vape experience possible, there is no better choice than the Focus Spearmint disposable vape pen from Select CBD.

This delicious vape pen will have your taste buds dancing after the very first puff. The invigorating flavor of spearmint will refresh your senses while the powerful compounds present in the high-grade CBD will treat your body to the wondrous benefits the natural world has to offer. Our customers love this product for a plethora of reasons and are quite boisterous about how incredible delicious and effective this vape pen is. One of the many things people love about this disposable vape pen is its ease of use. There is no chagrin or maintenance required, and when you are done, you can simply dispose of it. When you are looking to indulge in high-grade CBD and the delicious flavor of spearmint, without the added stress of any necessary maintenance then you are going to love this incredible vape pen.  

How It’s Made

Select CBD is a company that is wholly committed to the quality of their product and the health and wellness of their adoring customers. To ensure that they are bringing people the absolute finest products Select CBD invests a great deal of time and energy into the production process. This brand takes a seed to shelf approach when crafting the spearmint disposable vape pen and is directly involved in the production process from the time the carefully selected hemp seeds are put in the ground to the day these top-tier formulations leave the shelf on their way to a lucky customer.

It all starts by planting top quality hemp seeds in the rich, fertile soil in Oregon. Once the seeds have been planted, they are grown by highly qualified farmers who utilize ethical, sustainable farming methods to endure the best quality hemp. After the hemp has been allowed ample time in the warm sunshine and have reached full maturity, they are harvested and carefully dried to the optimum moisture level. This beautiful, compound rich hemp is then ready for extraction. Select CBD uses an extremely clean, incredibly effective extraction method that transfers all of the desirable compounds from the raw hemp plant to the potent resulting extract. After the plants have been grown and dried, and the powerful oil has been extracted, Select CBD sends their products to third-party laboratories to undergo exhaustive quality testing.

Carefully Crafted

This company maintains an undying dedication to their products and customers and spends a great deal of time and energy crafting the finest disposable vape pen on the market. The flavor profile of this product has been carefully crafted and provides the user with a refreshingly minty burst of spearmint flavor. There is nothing quite like the fresh, cool flavor of mint to brighten up your long day. Whether you are looking to freshen your breath, or just want to indulge in the delicious flavor of fresh spearmint, this product is a fantastic option.

Our customers love the premium feel of this disposable vape pen, and adore the incredibly effective CBD it contains. There are a myriad of beneficial compounds present in CBD such as terpenes, amino acids, and cannabidiol, and with this delicious vape pen, your body gets to reap the benefits of all of them. In every 3 second puff of this delectable pen the user is provided with 1-2mg of high grade CBD. Each pen comes packed with 250mg of top-tier CBD, is completely maintenance-free, and when you're done with it, you can simply toss it in the bin.

Third-Party Tested

To make absolutely certain that all of their products maintain their extremely high standard of excellence, Nearogan sends all of these amazing vape pens to ISO certified third-party laboratories where they are subject to a series of rigorous tests. A team of highly qualified lab technicians test to confirm the potency, purity, and contents of all the spearmint disposable vape pens from Select CBD. This experienced team of scientists also checks to make sure that these products do not contain any residual pesticides, heavy-metals, or toxic chemicals. When you want the best disposable vape pen money can buy, you want the Spearmint Disposable Pen from Select CBD.