Blackstone Labs: Anogenin, 60 Capsules

Blackstone Labs: Anogenin, 60 Capsules

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Description Blackstone Labs Anogenin

This is a unique product that Blackstone Labs has brought to the mass market...Anogenin, a naturally occurring plant steroid. Wait...Blackstone Labs and naturally occuring? Yes, there are actually many plants in the wild that are know to be steroidal in nature. Only recently though has the chemical been able to be extracted and reproduced on large scale...enter Anogenin. Best of all, because it is naturally occuring in plants, it's completely approved by the FDA.

Why is Blackstone Labs Excited?

Resembles the effects os Anavar

Increases Protein Synethesis by 200%

Increases Metabolism Stength & Muscle Gains in 2-3 Weeks

Non Liver Toxic

Undetectable On Steroid Test

Can be Used as Part of PCT or On Cycle

What's Even Better? It's completely undectable by every major drug testing organization. This includes even WADS and MLB! Love it when athletes and chemists work together to outsmart the system. How is this possible? It's because Anogenin does not increase testosterone levels. So if your job tests for gear, you can have the piece of mine knowing you will be fine taking this product.

Different Ways to Take Anogenin According to Blackstone Labs, there are many ways to take this product: Take a full dose it as a stand-alone product for 6 weeks to get muscle and strength gains Take a lower dose as a bridge between test cycles Because Anogenin doesn't alter hormone levels, it is safe for women to take Directions Take one to two capsules per day with food. Use in cycles of 8 to 12 weeks with a 4 week break. This product does NOT require a pct or gear support product.