Iron Legion: Virtus

Iron Legion: Virtus

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Iron Legion Virtus

Virtus by Iron Legion is a topical application of the most powerful and versitile aromatase inhibitor ever released. 7-hydroxy-4-imidazolyl-flavan is a flavan derivative which is structurally similar to epicatechin, naringenin, and related compounds. Flavans such as this are naturally occurring in nature and commonly found in tea and chocolate.
Studies on 7-hydroxy-4-imidazolyl-flavan demonstrated tremendous aromatase inhibitory potency at a staggering 127x more potent than aminogluthemide (prescription brand: Cytadren) and up to 10x more potent than the recently banned formestane. In effect, Virtus has rendered every other AI obsolete.


Use the dropper to apply 1-2 mL topically. Ideal application sites include the chest, shoulders, and neck.


For external use only! Harmful if swallowed. Do not apply to the face or eyes. Not intended for use by women and persons under 21 years of age! End user assumes all risks stemming from the use, handling and storage of this product.