Russia Pharma: Clen 50, 60 Capsules

Russia Pharma: Clen 50, 60 Capsules

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Clen-50 does not actively burn fat by attacking fat cells, but may stimulate the metabolism by increasing the body's temperature. This occurs due to the beta-2 stimulation stimulating the mitochondria of the cells to produce and release more heat. In turn, this heats up the body's temperature (slightly), enhances the metabolism and causes the individual to burn body fat at a greater rate. In reality, the functions and traits of Clen-50 are very simple and very straightforward.

As a thermogenic, the effects are again very simple. As the body temperature increases, which again is due to the beta-2 stimulation, the individual is now able to burn calories at an enhanced rate. Body temperature goes up, the metabolism is enhanced, fat cells are stimulated due to the increase in temperature due to the now enhanced metabolism, the breakdown of triglycerides is now enhanced and fat loss occurs. It's hard to get any simpler than that.

While Clen-50 may be a powerful fat loss agent, it is not magical and will not make a fat physique lean on its own. You still have to diet in order to lose body fat. It's commonly used the last 8-10 weeks leading up to a competition, sometimes a little longer. For the average gym rat, one who doesn't compete but is looking to lean out Clen 50 is an excellent choice. We're not saying you have to be contest ready lean in order for their to be a benefit. If you're already in fairly good shape and looking to lean out a little more, absolutely, Clen-50 can prove useful.

Clen-50 may be an excellent thermogenic, but again it is not a magical fat loss substance. If you use it, you will still need to burn more calories than you take in if you are going to lose body fat. Granted, Clen-50 may help you burn calories at a higher rate, and in reality this could mean your caloric deficit wouldn't need to be as great as it would without Clen-50. However, if you're truly going to get a solid benefit out of it you should diet just as you without Clen-50 and view the Clen-50 as an added bonus. Get the most you can out of it; after all, you cannot use it non-stop, and as it can be a little annoying due to the stimulating effects you might as well maximize your use to make it worthwhile. Most importantly, while it may help you lose body fat at an accelerated rate, especially that last little bit of stubborn body fat, responsible use remains imperative.