Legendary Foods: Tasty Pastry, 12 Pack

Legendary Foods: Tasty Pastry, 12 Pack

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  • 9g Protein, 4g Net Carbs, <1g Sugar, 8g fiber, 170 Calories, 13g Fat
  • Legendary Tasty Pastry is a soft, sweet, and delicious snack.
  • Enjoy the taste of your childhood without the sugar.
  • Eat right out of the wrapper or lightly toast for a warm experience.

You have no idea how complicated this was.

To make a product that you ate during your childhood without the very thing that they were made of - carbs and sugar. To keep all the wholesome feelings and delectable taste while eliminating the blood sugar spike and making our version out of real FOOD that supports your nutrition goals.

Crazy, we know.

But like you, we missed eating toaster pastries. And Saturday morning cartoons.

So we got to work in the kitchen. For years. Our first attempts were so disappointing we second guessed ourselves. It might not be possible. After all, it was like saying we wanted to make an igloo without snow or ice. Hell, toaster pastries ARE carbs and sugar.

But it’s amazing what thousands of experiments, talking to experts and sticking doggedly to a burning vision can do.

We finally succeeded. Where once lay gobs of diabetes inducing carbohydrate and sugar now stood a chiseled form made of protein, fat and fiber. 

And oh the taste.

Tasty Pastries have been back in our lives for months now. And now they can be in yours.