Blackstone Labs: Halo Elite, 90 Tablets

Blackstone Labs: Halo Elite, 90 Tablets

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Blackstone Labs Halo Elite

Blackstone Labs is back with the return of Halo Elite, the ultra popular prohormone of the past. Due due to the ban of many prohormones in the past, they have updated the formula with the first to enter the market, the phytoandrogen ingredient. This plant androgen is powerful and finally available at an ethical dose to actual give you the results Blackstone Labs promises!

Why Take a Plant Androgen?

Unlike regular androgens and other testosterone boosting ingredients, you can get amazing size and strength gains without the side effects. This substance can give you similar results in the body of that of testosterone, which everyone wants! Phytoandrogens are all natural and from plants, so you can take them for extended amounts of time, stack them with almost anything, and not have any of those unwanted side effects.

Unlike the Isoflavonoids of the past, Eucommia ulmoides are much, much different. Rather than have the female-like effects of Isoflavonoids, Eucommia ulmoides gives you male hormone like effects that interact directly with the androgen receptor. And because Blackstone Labs knows what they are doing, Halo Elite uses a 100:1 ratio, perfect for getting the most out of this ingredient.

Benefits & Results

  • Helps you increase size and muscle
  • Helps you increase overall strength and power output
  • Helps to improve sexual desire and libido

Directions for Taking Halo Elite

Blackstone Labs recommends that you take 3 tablets of Halo Elite about 30 minutes before you workout for the day. On days where you are not working out, you should take 3 tablets right after lunch.


According to Blackstone Labs you can take Halo Elite for up to 4 months before taking at least 1-2 months off.

PCT or Cycle Support Needed?

Because Halo Elite is all natural, no cycle support is needed while taking it, and no PCT is needed after you take it. You can also stack this with anything else from Blackstone Labs.

Label & Nutritional Facts