Acumullit: GTS, 30 Lozenges

Acumullit: GTS, 30 Lozenges

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GTS (Get Strength)
Start supporting the body’s natural energy, vitality and endurance. GTS provides body benefits by activating your body’s own natural vitality and strength.

GTS helps maintain the body’s already normal:
- energy, vitality and endurance*
- physical & mental stamina*
- balanced metabolism*
- natural cellular energy*
- positive mood*

100% Natural, Non-synthetic Ingredients

• 30 Servings – 2 Convenient Blister Packs of 15 Lozenge Drops Each 
• ISO Certifications 
• Certified Kosher 
• Certified Halal

Green Tea (leaf), Siberian Ginseng (root), Magnolia-Vine (fruit), Water Hyssop (leaf), Ashwagandha (root), Pineapple, Gooseberry, Apple