Allmax: Agmatine Sulfate, 34 Grams

Allmax: Agmatine Sulfate, 34 Grams

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In the search for mind-blowing muscle pumps, ALLMAX is no stranger. What seemed to be an endless Arginine dynasty, new studies, new research, and new information was found to show who the true King of Pumps is...

Say Hello to the New King, Agmatine.

Agmatine was formerly known as the post form of Arginine once digested, but with technological advances, scientists have been able to take the pure form of agmatine and allow it to be used as a supplement.

The reason behind the supplemental use is clear from the following key benefits. During numerous clinical studies, the supplemental use of Agmatine shows:

• Increase Growth Hormone and Testosterone Release
• Maximize Nitric Oxide Production
• Dramatically Enhance Mood and Reduce Stress
• Improve Anti-Oxidant Levels

With all the claimed N.O. boosters, Agmatine has not only been the most powerful, but the most consistent N.O. Precursor available on the market.

Meaning that the supplemental use of Agmatine will give you the BEST PHYSIQUE POSSIBLE!

To ensure the maximization of Agmatine, ALLMAX created the purest form known.

• 750 MG DOSE
• 1.5 cc SCOOP

Get the Most from Your N.O. Supplement and Get ALLMAX AGMATINE SULFATE!