Antaeus Labs: Hydra Head X, 120 Capsules

Antaeus Labs: Hydra Head X, 120 Capsules

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Hydra Head X --- Hydra Head SixEvolved.



The Hydra must be slain. Like the mythical beast of yore, catabolic pathways relentlessly attack gruelingly earned muscle mass from many angles, particularly in dieting, post-cycle situations, and muscle wasting conditions. From the ancient myth of the divine hero Heracles to the modern reality of supplement science, HHX is a revolutionary, industry defining natural, non-androgenic anti-catabolic. This isn’t putting a Band-Aid on a gash, only to watch it regenerate its destruction anew -- HHX cauterizes with fire.  This is not your grandpa’s tired old creatine, glutamine, or BCAA product. This is a brand new way of attacking -- a level of innovation that already makes it a living legend.


Ursolic Acid

Ursolic acid is a triterpenoid found in numerous plants. It has long been demonstrated in the data to have a myriad of beneficial effects, but it normally has poor bioavailability. HH6 complexes it in a cyclodextrin for superior solubility, thus partitioning, thus bioavailability. It potentiates amino acid (leucine) induced muscle differentiation (1). Further, it has been shown to increase muscle mass, fiber size (both slow and fast twitch), as well as exercise capacity and grip strength (2,3). Lastly, Ursolic Acid produced an increase in serum irisin levels and muscle strength (4) -- a fact which may underlie the recomposition effects that users of high-dose ursolic acid products have noted.



This ingredient is not to be confused with the "7-methoxy" of ages past.  A recent study evaluated the purportedly anabolic effects of flavones, and reached a surprising discovery: That none of them are anabolic, unless they possess both 5-hydroxy and 7-methoxy moieties. This is made very clear, as the authors of the study write: “the 5-hydroxyl group and the 7-methoxy group in the flavones are necessary for myotube hypertrophy.” (5) Thus, 5H7M is the only flavone that is directly anabolic -- and the weak effects of ye olde 7-methoxy was possibly due to a small amount of conversion in vivo to 5H7M.  


Many flavones have bioavailability issues, but cyclodextrin-complexed 5H7M should exhibit bioavailability over 70%. (6)  This, ultimately, should result in a potent natural anabolic agent -- one which will combat catabolism and contribute a strong repartioning effect to HHX.


Maslinic Acid

Catabolism is also made widely manifest through the runaway production of reactive oxygen species and inflammation.  As with cortisol, it is a normal and necessary part of cellular processes, but like other people’s daughters on spring break, it is bad news when they run wild.  A triterpene related to ursolic acid, maslinic acid is known to have preventative effects against oxidative stress and pro-inflammatory cytokine generation.  Most pointedly, it has been tested in randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, human trials -- where, at just 60mg/day, it significantly increased muscle mass and grip strength, and reduced joint pain. (7)



This compound is (-)-Epicatechin's bigger, more potent brother.  Like (-)-Epicatechin, it increases mitochondrial biogenesis, thus increasing fatty acid utilization.  This not only increases fat burning (and may improve insulin related health issues), it spares glucose for use in muscle cells, to preserve energy and mass.  The (+) stereoisomer is significantly more potent than the (-) form, and

HHX incorporates a clinically validated dose. (8)


Flawless Victory

You have done the work, continue to reap the rewards. HHX is an absolutely essential instrument in your battle to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women -- it is, simply put, the most potent anti-catabolic and pro-anabolic agent legally available.