Antaeus Labs: Titan, 60 Capsules

Antaeus Labs: Titan, 60 Capsules

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-Highly potent anabolic.
-Non-hormonal, thus no need for PCT or liver/cycle support.
-Heart-healthy, may assist with lipid and cholesterol support.
-Naturally extracted from the tomato plant.
-Complexed with shilajit for vastly enhanced solubility and bioavailability.
-Shilajit may assist with muscle growth and may provide testosterone support.

TITAN is Tomatidine -- simply the most potent natural anabolic available. [1-3] In a direct comparison to ursolic acid, it was shown to be nearly 10-fold more potent. It was also discovered to be nearly 5-fold more orally bioavailable. It increases mTOR signalling in skeletal muscle, inhibits the ATF4 pathway, and dramatically stimulates protein synthesis. Of particular benefit to power athletes and bodybuilders is the fact that it stimulates growth primarily in Type IIb and Type IIx muscle fibers -- the power fibers with the most potential for growth.

Although tomatidine is, as previously mentioned, more orally bioavailable than ursolic acid, it still displays extremely poor aqueous solubility -- estimated at 0.000189 mg/mL [4] -- which places hard limits on its oral bioavailability. To sidestep this issue, we've complexed tomatidine with shilajit. Shilajit, which has been used as a tonic and rejuvenating agent for centuries, is a fully water-soluble mixture of fulvic acids, humic acids, and minerals. Much like cyclodextrins, it is capable of binding small molecules like tomatidine and forming amorphous, water-soluble complexes. [5-7] Our tomatidine-shilajit complex is orders of magnitude more water-soluble than pure tomatidine, a fact which boosts its bioavailability to heights otherwise out of reach.

The fact that shilajit has itself been shown to assist with muscle growth, and boost testosterone levels in healthy young men, is just a bonus. [8-9]

As is the fact that tomatidine is proven heart-healthy, and may be able to assist with cholesterol and lipid support. [10-11]

...The important thing is that TITAN is the most potent natural anabolic available.

Accept no substitute. TITAN has been rigorously tested, results are publicly available, and a patent is pending. TITAN uses top-quality tomatidine (standardized to over 95% purity) and shilajit (standardized to 50%+ fulvic acids).