LG Sciences: Cutting Andro Kit (Epiandro, 17-Pro, 1-Andro, Form-XT)

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Are you serious about getting ripped? Are you training and hitting your cardio hard? What about that strict nutrition program? Then this is the kit you need! If you want to get shredded, this kit has what you need! What’s in the CUTTING ANDRO KIT? EPIANDRO is similar to "stanolone" due to the fact it will ramp up your in-the-gym- aggression as well as dramatically increase that hard look. 17-PROANDRO is a hardening agent that works in a separate manner to EPIANDRO yet with similar effects. 1-Andro is the final compound in the kit Looking for a good PCT? Form-XT is the ideal choice! LIQUID DELIVERY SYSTEM LG Sciences has created a potent liquid delivery system that was designed to promote more effective results – the compounds in this advanced delivery system will maximize every tablet in the CUTTING ANDRO KIT! Fast dissolving tablets for fast results! This amazing liquid delivery matrix provides instant absorption in your mouth as well as extended absorption in your digestive tract. This means enhanced bioavailability! How do you take it? The best way to take this Liquid Delivery matrix is to hold the liquid under your tongue for about one minute, then swish it around and swallow. You can take your dosages whenever you like but for best results, you should space them out as much as you can, keeping them several hours apart.