NutriFitt: VitaFitt, 90 Capsules

NutriFitt: VitaFitt, 90 Capsules

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High-Performance Multivitamin

Champions don’t rely on luck; they painstakingly prepare for success. Each bite of food, every rep in the gym, and of course which supplements are taken are all ways that elite athletes can seperate themselves from the competition.

Note the order that those steps were in? Diet always comes first. If you’re not giving your body the fuel that it needs, there’s no way it can operate at peak performance. But lets be honest, who can get all their vitamins and minerals in every single day through food alone? It’s nearly impossible with the added demands that athletes face. Featuring a full 100% daily value of 16 vitamins and minerals in Vita Fitt, you can make sure you have the micronutrients needed to support your health and vitality during even your most intense training sessions.

If an athlete is eating a perfect diet, but isn’t training as hard as possible, we know they won’t be able to measure up against stiff competition. That’s why Vita Fitt also includes key ingredients proven to increase athletic performance, like Lion’s mane mushroom to help boost endurance and reduce fatigue.

But what happens if you’re eating perfectly, training as hard as you can, and your body still won’t cooperate? Sometimes that’s just the unfortunate reality of life, and it takes an extra jump-start to really get the results you want to see. To help make sure your body is primed for maximum results, we also included proven joint, hormonal, and energy support via the most proven ingredients available.

Don’t settle for good enough. Use the proven performance enhancing multivitamin with Vita-Fitt.