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APS: Mesomorph: Rocket Pop, 25 Servings


Initial Review:

Wow, just wow.

I have heard so many about people talking about this pre-workout for ages but never really had a chance to try it. Thanks to the kind Hi-Tech reps I was given an opportunity to do so and man am I HAPPY about my luck.

Last night while I was getting ready to hit the gym I get a ring at the door and I quickly realized it must've been the Mesomorph! What perfect timing..really.
I ripped open the box and lo and behold there it was.

I even got the flavor I wanted too, Rocket Pop!

I've been taking two cap fulls of the original E-Pharm Clear shot so I thought I would be ok with 1 1/2 scoops or mesomorph. So I dumped it in a cup, mixed it with water, and took a sip to grade the flavor. It really tastes like Rocket Pop, 10/10, I was astounded. It was a bit sweet but I believe that's because I mixed it in with too little water on top of it being 1 1/2 scoops.

But no bitterness, mixes GREAT, absolutely no chalky or grittiness to it at all.

About 10-15 minutes in I started feeling the beta alanine tingles in my ears. And I have been supplementing with beta alanine for the last few weeks. This tells me that the quality of the beta alanine in mesomorph is far superior than what I have been taking,

Around the same time, an insane surge of focus and energy came over me. I was pumped to lift and in a extremely positive heightened mood. It felt like I was shot with good feel adrenaline!

I haven't felt something like this in years.
Yesterday was back and biceps. After a quick stretch session I started doing my chin ups and it felt effortless than usual. I was flying through them.

Usually after my chin ups I already get quite winded but not last night. I quickly loaded up the bar with weights for my dead lifts and once again, picked the weights up like nothing.

No lie, I even hit a PR on my deadlift. This stuff is insane. I don't like to bull**** but now I know what everyone has been talking about. This is the real deal.

My workout was so insane, I was sweating way more than usual, and the pumps. The pumps were so bad I actually had to eventually end my workout a bit short. My left forearm that I tend to have a problem with just kept getting more and more pumped. I have never experienced this before.

It was to the point I felt like I really needed to stop or else I would have snapped something inside. Plus I could not grip anything even if my life depended on it.

I'm really excited to use this for a few more days for a final review. But the ingredient profile is solid and most importantly the focus and energy it gives me is on another level. E-Pharms clearshot can not compare to this stuff.

However I believe I will have to cut down and use 1 scoop. 1 1/2 was just way too much for me haha.

So far this is definitely 9/10.

Thanks again to the folks at APS/Hi-Tech! "

"All right here is my final conclusion of this product.

This is so far the bees knees pre-workout product and possibly the BEST I've had. I don't shill or bull.

This stuff hits me hard but in a good way. What I love is the positive heightened mood when it kicks it. It really gets me amped and almost aggressive.

Today I did 3/4 scoop and it was perfect. I only had about 45 minutes to do a full workout for chest and a little bit of shoulders due to work getting in the way but man. I was able to knock out set after set with minimal rest. People were MIRING hard.

The energy and focus is amazing. The pump is amazing. It makes me so vascular and full I look like a god.

I really hope the magic doesn't die with this product in terms of tolerance. I will test the waters and if I feel it does I will have to take breaks from it because it is just that good.

I seriously have not enjoyed a pre-workout this much in....EVER. Honestly the best focus/energy product I truly enjoy/ed is the E-Pharm Clearshot original.

But this is on another level.

This is a truly a 10/10 product. Well done Hi-Tech
Date Added: 02/22/2016 by Kevin Lee
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