AlphaBreed: Epi Andro, 60 Capsules

AlphaBreed: Epi Andro, 60 Capsules

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EpiAndro is an engineered legal anabolic compound that is extremely powerful but is still very safe to use. The body converts this anabolic compound in (DHT) dihydrotestosterone, male sex hormone, in the body. The chemical compound binds to androgen receptors in the body to produce a biological response, in this case, hardcore anabolic activity.

EpiAndro is best suited for male bodybuilders that are trying to cut excess body fat while maintaining muscle mass and strength while increasing muscle hardness and density.

Benefits of EpiAndro:

  • Increase in Muscle Size and Hardness
  • Alpha Feeling
  • Increased Sex Drive & Libido
  • Does Not Conver to Estrogen
  • Supports Fat Loss and Water loss
  • Increased Power & Strength