Blackstone Labs: GlycoLog

Blackstone Labs: GlycoLog

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Glycolog by Blackstone Labs

Gain muscle like you have been given the gift of great genetics!

Fact: What you eat will either be stored in your muscles or stored as fat.

Those who have gifted genetics end up having more of what they eat go towards their muscles as opposed to being stored as fat.

Don’t have gifted genetics? Don’t need it! You have Glycolog!

Glycolog is a new and innovative nutrient partitioner that mimics the effects of the hormone insulin.

Essentially, when you load up on carbs Glycolog acts like the hormone insulin and shuttles those carbs to your muscles to be used for muscle fuel and muscle building instead of being stored as fat.

An increased anabolic state is an understatement when you consider the amount of glucose, nutrients, and amino acids that are now being driven to your muscles.

Building a better physique becomes inevitable when your food is allocated properly in your body.

You can keep doing what you have been doing and hoping for gains, or your can gain mass like the gifted with Glycolog!


Key Benefits of Glycolog:

  - Helps Drive More Carbs To Your Muscles*

  - Help Increase Muscle Gains*

  - Helps Reduce Carbs Being Stored As Fat*

  - Helps Increase Nutrient Absorption*

  - Helps Improve The Utilization Of Glucose*

  - Helps Increase Muscle Pumps*

  - Naturally Mimics The Effects of Insulin*


Key Ingredients of Glycolog:

Chromium: Studies have shown that chromium can normalize blood sugar levels, improve blood sugar utilization and decrease insulin requirements in patients with glucose intolerance and insulin resistance.

Gymnema Leaf Extract: Gymnema sylvestre plant contains gymnemic acids, which have been shown to slow the transport of glucose from the intestines to the bloodstream.

Bitter Melon: Helps to enhance glucose utilization in the body, increases serum protein levels, and reduces glycogensis in the liver.

Super Berberine: Helps to reduce glucose levels and encourages glucose uptake by muscle cells.

Cinnamon Bark Extract: Lowers blood glucose levels and increases glucose transport and insulin sensitivity.

Sodium R-Lipoate: mimics the effects of insulin on glucose absorption in insulin-resistant cells and may help restore glucose availability in tissues such as skeletal muscle; also prevents hyperglycaemia and reduces insulin levels.