Blackstone Labs: Growth, 90 Capsules

Blackstone Labs: Growth, 90 Capsules

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Blackstone Labs Growth

Revolutionize the way you sleep with Growth by Blackstone Labs! This is the first product proven to naturally increase production of Human Growth Hormone, or HGH. Growth works while you sleep to build muscle, increase recovery, and burn body fat. Safe for both men and women, this natural sleep aid help you get the best sleep of your life so you can wake up refreshed and ready to crush it at the gym, work, or at home. Growth does not need to be cycled and does not produce any adverse side effects, making it the best possible addition to any health and fitness routine. Sleep harder and perform harder with Growth by Blackstone Labs!

About Growth

As you sleep, during your REM cycle your pituitary gland secretes HGH (human growth hormone) to aid in your body's natural growth, cell production, and cell regeneration. Blackstone Labs Growth not only naturally stimulates HGH, but also encourages ample REM sleep in order to maximize the benefits of this amazing supplement. Natural ingredients such as valerian root and melatonin augment your restfulness in order to amplify hormone secretion, meaning you not only get the benefits of HGH, but also all of the benefits that come with a restful night of sleep. Better sleep directly correlates to improved focus, mood, and productivity throughout your busy day. Blackstone's Growth also includes Vitamin D in order to promote bone and tendon health to give you more power at the gym. Additionally, Growth assists with fat burning while you sleep using Velvet bean extract, which contains natural hormones shown to reduce body fat and cellulite while improving skin quality. Sleep great, feel great, and look great with Blackstone Labs Growth. Because why not let your body do some of the work for you?


- Deeper and better REM sleep

- stimulate muscle growth

- reduces body fat

- stimulate muscle repair and decrease recovery time

- improve energy and mood levels

- builds stronger bones, tendons, and ligaments

- safe for both men and women

Directions and Dosage

Blackstone Labs recommends you take 3 capsules 30 minutes before bedtime. Do not exceed recommended dose.