DAS Labs: Woke AF Black, Sets on the Beach

DAS Labs: Woke AF Black, Sets on the Beach

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WOKE AFis not for beginners, rookies, or people who curl in the squat rack. This stim heavy dose has been formulated for those with only the strongest of tolerances. Three different stimulants combined with clinically proven cognition enhancers, and a potent delivery mechanism will help you stay WOKE through the most intense workouts, longest work shifts, graveyards, study sessions, (or simply crushing your enemies, seeing them driven before you, and hearing the lamentation of their people).*

The (un)holy trinity of stimulants delivers energy, as well as the feelings that should come with higher energy, in a few powerful ways.* 333mg of caffeine does what you know it does. We also use Synephrine and Dendrobium. Together, these potent stimulants can boost mood, motivation, focus, and even boost metabolism.* Giving you all the energy to slay workouts without making you feel “over-stim’d.” Because TRUE energy should enhance your training, not distract you.

We believe your pre-workout should deliver benefits beyond training performance enhancement, though. Not only does this epic formula supercharge your workouts, it supplies you with long-lasting benefits to keep your system working at optimal levels. It does this with a groundbreaking mineral blend, Humic/Fulvic acid.*

Benefits You Can Trust:

  • Promotes healthy detoxification.*
  • Encourages nutrient absorption.*
  • Energy so epic it might as well be transcendental.*
  • Euphoria-level mood.*
  • May boost metabolism.*
  • Improved blood flow for potent PUMPS.*
  • Enhanced endurance and stamina.*
  • Surgical precision focus.*
  • Hydration and recovery.*