Cira: Pre-Game, Blood Orange

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Pre-Game gives you the energy to go harder, better, faster, stronger. No sweat. Not only does it help increase energy, endurance, focus, and strength, but in the new V2 formula, we've added ingredients to improve gut health and even slow the aging process. Whether you’re running 10 miles or hitting a personal best in the gym, don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered. 

As a dietary supplement, mix one serving (1 scoop) with 10-12 fl.oz. water 30-40 minutes before your workout.You can adjust the flavor of this product by adding more or less water.


Ever felt like your skin was tingling a bit after taking a pre-workout supplement? Well, you can thank beta-alanine for that sensation (which is harmless — and a sign that it’s working!). Long story short, it helps buffer against lactic acid during those PB gym days, making it a crucial ingredient to add to your pre-workout ritual. Only found in the V1 formula!


Not your average pre-workout ingredient. Kicking Pre-Game into high gear, SenActiv® includes powerful adaptogenic extracts (panax notoginseng and rose hips) that can help speed up muscle recovery, improve gut health and even slow down the aging process. How? The adaptogen notoginseng is packed with ginsenoside R1 that has recovery-enhancing effects. Plant-based and patented, SenActiv® also promotes an essential process to keep homeostasis in check (aka autophagy) which helps cleanse damaged cells, resulting in optimal cellular regeneration. Hello youthful appearance! Only found in the V2 formula!


What’s better than an intense booty pump? We’ll wait…Citrulline helps you get those oh-so-satisfying pumps by increasing nitric oxide production and expanding blood vessels. In turn, citrulline facilitates blood flow to muscle tissue while you’re cranking out reps.


Feel the rush. By helping your body produce hormones like dopamine and adrenaline, this amino acid keeps your energy and focus high while you’re pushing through a tough sweat ‘sesh.


Your go-to morning beverage for a reason. This near perfect ingredient increases energy, cognitive function, alertness and even motivation. Woah. Oh, and did we mention it allows you to pump out more reps on booty day? Yup, it tends to have that effect.


This amino acid works its magic by balancing brainwave activity that will give you that relaxing sense of calm.


Are you a fan of chocolate? Umm, duh, Cira! Well, great news for you. Theobromine is a major alkaloid found in cocoa and is chemically related to caffeine. With its milder, but longer-lasting stimulant effects, it’s the perfect complement to caffeine before you hit the gym.


Cira’s own trademarked adaptogenic extract makes sure your body absorbs all other bioactive ingredients in Glow-Getter. Phew.

Betaine Anhydrous

Pre-Game’s hydration level runs deep. This molecule increases the percentage of water inside your muscle cells. Translation: more hydrated muscles so you can get that last rep in with ease. Oh psst: betaine is also found in wine, but we didn’t tell you that.