Elite Form: Burn, 30 Servings

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Non- Stim Fat Burner  


Kick-start your metabolism into high gear with the best fat burner on the market today! Burn™ was designed to increase energy and metabolism while decreasing appetite and water retention.

Burn contains 5 active ingredients that are proven to boost metabolism while placing the body into an increased Thermogenic fat burning state by using stored body fat as energy while decreasing appetite.

CLA & L-Carnitine L-Tartrate help to release stored fat and help tighten loose skin. Guarana & Yohimbine HCL help to increase your body's metabolism, increasing your energy, and helping you burn more fat. Dandelion Root Extract helps to rid your body of excess water that you may be holding, increasing how lean and fit you look.

Burn Thermogenic is guaranteed to have you looking your best this summer and all year long.