finaflex: Ketone Test Strips, 100ct

finaflex: Ketone Test Strips, 100ct

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Ketone Test Strips

What Are Ketone Test Strips?

Ketone Strips are plastic strips that contain a test pad on the end. The test pad changes color when it reacts to ketones in urine. The test pad is then compared to the color chart printed on the test strip bottle, and once the test pad is matched to a color on the color chart urine ketone level is identified.

How Ketone Test Strips Work

Ketone Strips are made to specifcally test for acetoacetic acid (ketones). If acetoacetic acid is present in the urine sample that is introduced to the test pad, the acetoacetic acid reacts with the nitroprusside (active reagent on test pad) to cause color change. Each color represents a different concentration of ketone levels in the urine sample tested.

How The Keto Diet Works

In the body, when carbohydrates are consumed they are converted into glucose which is the body's primary energy source. When glucose is not available the body breaks down fat stores for energy (ketones). The ketogenic dieter consumes high levels of fat in order to provide energy to fuel the body's processes because carbohydrates are not being consumed. Ketones become the body's primary energy source while on the ketogenic diet.