Iconic Formulations: EndoAmp Max 90 Capsules

Iconic Formulations: EndoAmp Max 90 Capsules

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ICONIC Formulations EndoAmp Max is a potent complex of ps & choline that will drive your mental & physical performance to new heights! Slow cortisol release, delay fatigue, improve cognitive function, & support power output with EndoAmp Max!


Cortisol is a destructive catabolic hormone that’s released by the body in times of stress, including physical stress such as what your body experiences as a result of frequent intense workouts. Cortisol promotes the breakdown of muscle tissue and blocks the effects of testosterone in the body. (1)

EndoAmp Max by ICONIC Formulations was designed to combat the damaging effects of excessive cortisol as well as support overall mental performance and normal hormonal function. EndoAmp Max does this by taking advantage of the synergistic combination of its two patented ingredients: SerinAid Phosphatidylserine and AlphaSize Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphorylcholine.

EndoAmp Max supplies 800 mg of the branded ingredient SerinAid Phosphatidylserine which helps keep cortisol at normal levels following intense exercise or intense mental activity as well as supporting both normal testosterone output and the prevention of muscle breakdown by blocking the interference of cortisol. (2)

What is phosphatidylserine (PS)?

It’s a phospholipid that occurs naturally in the body and is a primary building block of brain cells. (3) Besides combatting excess cortisol, PS helps prevent age-related cognitive decline. (4)

EndoAmp Max also provides 300 mg of the branded ingredient AlphaSize Alpha—Glyceryl Phosphorylcholine, which is an innovative form of choline that supports enhanced brain metabolism and is used widely to support memory, focus, mental energy, and athletic performance. AlphaSize supports athletic performance by influencing the fabled mind-muscle connection. Additionally, AlphaSize supports normal GH levels. (5)

EndoAmp Max can be used by itself or used as an important addition to your PCT program when you’re at the end of an aggressive supplement cycle and muscle preservation, as well as restoration of natural testosterone production to normal levels, is critical.

EndoAmp Max By ICONIC Formulations – Don’t Train Without It!