Metabolic Nutrition: C.G.P., 40 Servings

Metabolic Nutrition: C.G.P., 40 Servings

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Metabolic Nutrition CGP

Here is the "King" of Creatines which gives you a four-step solution to how your body reacts to creatine – helping you achieve your dreams of building massive mounds of muscle! Introducing C.G.P.(creatine-glycerol-phosphate), the first real phosphate delivering creatine. C.G.P. Functions by dealing with the 4 problem areas which stop "normal" creatine from functioning how it should. Finally, the results you have been working hard to achieve are now possible! C.G.P. works by: first, CGP supplies a phosphate bond that attaches the creatine to a high energy phosphate molecule - thereby allowing the actual molecule to be unaffected by breakdown when in liquid! C.G.P. Supplies a total chemical structure combined with the supplement industry's first molecular bonding to glycerol - this allows CGP to be instantly assimilated into the bloodstream after it's been ingested – no cramping, no nausea... 100% stable pH balanced CGP rapidly enters the bloodstream - without any conversion to creatinine - and fuels the ATP cycle as well as increases contractibility and muscle torque energy which will enhance both strength and endurance with no water weight, bloat or stress on the kidneys.

CGP contains the critical"phosphate molecule" to supply the fuel your muscles require to be able to contract harder than you've ever thought possible. Added to the anabolic-hormone mimicking substrate, it dramatically sets off an extended-release of CGP to drive fuel to your muscles as part of the energy process called the ATP cycle - so you can see results the first time, every time!!!
The King's Benefits:

Endurance to complete even the most intense workouts
Increase strength and power
All-day muscle pumps
Destroy training plateaus – dramatically increase athletic performance
Amazing muscle growth!!!