Muscle Elements: 212, 40 Servings

Muscle Elements: 212, 40 Servings

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Product Description

212° is a state of the art full spectrum fat incinerator that incorporates 3 scorching blends of research proven ingredients enabling you to effectively get rid of unwanted body fat.  212° has a powerful thermogenic blend that will not only give you the energy to blast through your day and your workout but it will promote lipolysis (breakdown of lipids/fats), improve mental focus, and reduce hunger.

212° will also increase fat oxidation, elevate your body’s core temperature which promotes thermogenesis, reduce body fat accumulation, and dramatically increase the removal of excess water.  Bring Fat to its Boiling Point with 212°!*

  • Alpha receptor 2 antagonist*
  • Increases thermogenesis and energy expenditure*
  • Maintains mood and reduce appetite*
  • Increases fat loss and water removal*
  • Increases energy and mental focus*