MuscleMeds: Feast Mode, 90 Capsules

MuscleMeds: Feast Mode, 90 Capsules

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MuscleMeds Feast Mode 90 Capsules

MuscleMeds Feast Mode is an advanced weight gain pill designed to increase hunger  and stimulate your appetite allowing you to consume larger meals and get in more calories so you can increase your body weight and muscle mass. 

MuscleMeds Feast Mode Appetite Stimulant Highlights & Benefits

  • Appetite Stimulating Supplement
  • Increases Appetite Allowing You To Eat More Calories
  • Optimizes Anabolic Effect of Food
  • Increase Your Food Consumption

MuscleMeds Feast Mode Customer Reviews

I'm a hard gainer and have trouble putting on weight, I also don't have a very big appetite. This helps increase my appetite and doesn't leave me bloated after a big meal. 

This stuff works, I'm hungry all the time!


Take 3 capsules with your largest meals. Consume 1-2 times daily.