Performance Supplements: Pre-Grow

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In a World of CRAZY Over-Stimulated, and inconsistent Pre-Workouts comes PRE-Grow! Formulated with over 20 years of Sports Nutrition Experience coupled with Alexander Frekey’s Education in Biochemistry, Pre-Grow was BORN! This will be the industry’s “MOST EFFICIENT” formula with smooth energy and focus as well as zero crash with two forms of caffeine, along side 6g of L-Citrulline Malate and 2 Patented ingredients HydroPrime and Nitrosigine for AMAZING muscle volume and vasodilation. Lastly Performance Supplements is one of if not the first company to add a functional fitness instruction for use during all “WOD” Training! We are about bringing you the best and most effective products you can find that have actual carry over to increasing athletic performance!