Repp Sports: Ecdysterone+ 60 Capsules

Repp Sports: Ecdysterone+ 60 Capsules

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Repp Sports Raze Ecdysterone+ - May Aid In Promoting Muscle Mass, May Support Memory, May Support Stress Response & Overall Well-Being

Anabolic Agent!

If you hit a plateau in the gym and looking for a natural product to help out with strength increase and recovery, this product is for you.

Raze Ecdysterone+ is an all-in-one anabolic agent designed to naturally boost your performance and results with intense training. In the 1980s, researches dubbed ecdysterone the "Russian secret", following suspicions that Russian Olympic athletes were using it as a performance boosting supplement. Modern research has shown that this natural extract has the ability to augment the body's natural anabolic processes, producing a strong hypertrophic effect on muscle tissue.