The Stuff Detox, 16fl oz

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The Stuff is a detoxification drink developed for people who have average toxin levels, and who have 24-48 hours of pre-cleansing time before using the product. The Stuff has all the right stuff needed to rid your system of unwanted toxins. 

This 16-ounce bottle of The Stuff is loaded with vitamins, minerals, herbs, and fiber to provide you with a full system cleansing. Pick the flavor you prefer and order your 16-ounce bottle for the next time you need to flush your system so no suspicious toxins are detected. 

If you indulge in materials that others may not approve of, don't worry. There's The Stuff available that can help you rid your body of questionable toxins so you can live your life as you please. This stuff is good and it tastes great.