Tokkyo Nutrition: Winny-V Extreme, 60 Capsules

Tokkyo Nutrition: Winny-V Extreme, 60 Capsules

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Winny-V Extreme – Tackle your next body building level without gaining unwanted weight

Never Hold Back Again with Winny V Extreme. This Stanozol replacement compound has been reported to possess extremely potent lipolytic (fat burning) effects achieved via a dynamic mechanism of action. Gainers are reporting very hard, dry gains with consistent use.


  • Promotes gains and energy
  • Regulates smooth muscle contraction
  • Improvement in muscle strength and hardness


  • Helps release human growth hormone **
  • Accelerates Energy **
  • Promotes Endurance **

Daily Routine:

  • Take in the morning and afternoon with 8 oz of water.