Universal: Animal Pak, 369-388g

Universal: Animal Pak, 369-388g

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With a legacy that harkens back to a golden era in our sport, but the dark ages of bodybuilding supplementation, Animal Pak has endured for generations. And for good reason. It works. And it has worked for more than thirty years. Making the cut into the nutritional programs of Olympia competitors, world record-holding powerlifters and hardcore strength athletes of all walks of life.

As supplementation has become a multi-billion dollar industry, that trusty can full of plastic packets—each containing eleven tablets, has held strong to its roots, doubling down on its purpose. To fortify the nutritional regimens of the most dedicated lifters in the world. The "True Original” Training Pack has always been surrounded by mystique and legend, because it represents so much to a diehard many.

Combining potent multivitamin and multimineral ingredients with amino acids, herbs and antioxidants, performance actives and digestive enzymes, Animal Pak quickly separated itself from the pack, standing apart as a one-of-a-kind bodybuilding supplement. Preventing deficiencies and bolstering immunity, Pak has stood up to the strain of most brutal training regimens and the strictest diets. With resilience… With defiance.

Those eleven earth-toned tablets. The 44 packs included in each can. That powerful smell. There is nothing in the world quite like Animal Pak. And while tens of millions of cans of Pak have been sold around the world to millions of serious lifters, disciplined bodybuilders and big dudes everywhere. Yet so many who could benefit from Pak, may still have yet to experience the unrivaled strength contained in that iconic Iconic can.

Maybe they can’t swallow pills? Maybe they’re intimidated by that many tablets? Delivery methods can be a critical aspect to individual supplement use. Some like the ease and convenience of pills. Others like to drink their supps. It is with this fact in mind that we built Animal Pak Powder from the ground up. Using all of the components of the legendary Animal Pak formula, but turning it into a tasty and easy-to-consume drink mix.

All of the power of Pak, is now in powdered form, easy to strategically stack with your other go-to supplements. In your morning Animal Whey, or post-training shake. Mixed in your preworkout or your Juiced Aminos, you’re now able to spike all of your favorite muscle-building beverages with the incomparable potency of Animal Pak.