Universal: Primal Preworkout

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Universal Animal Primal Pre-Workout Powder 25 Servings

Universal/Animal's Primal Pre-Workout Powder is an all new pre-workout supplement from the Legacy brand Universal/Animal Nutrition. This formula was scientifically designed for hard trainers who need to get the most out of their time in the gym. Animal Primal provides improved athletic performance and endurance, increased energy, laser focus, improved hydration and improved muscle fullness and a sick pump from 3DPump, part of Primal's Primal Pump Complex!

Univ Animal Primal Pre-Workout Powder Highlights & Benefits

  • Improved Energy, Endurance and Athletic Performance
  • Improved Focus and Workout Intensity
  • Electrolytes for Hydration and Muscle Fullness
  • Insane Muscle Fullness and Pumps

Animal Primal Powder Preworkout Customer Reviews

Love this stuff, a lot of preworkouts these days are just trying to pack as many stimulants into a preworkout as possible, there's not nearly as many just solid well rounded preworkouts so was happy to learn about Primal. I love this stuff, good energy without being over the top, great focus while at the gym and a really nice pump. 

Delivered as promised, will buy again!

Works better than other preworkouts I've tried. 


Mix 2 scoops of Animal Primal Preworkout with 10-12 ounces of water and take 30 minutes prior to your workout.