XPG: Suppress-C, 100ml Topical

XPG: Suppress-C, 100ml Topical

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Advanced Cortisol Control Gel

Topical Defining & Lean Muscle Matrix


Suppress-C contains B-Androstenetriol, a naturally occurring DHEA metabolite that is commonly associated with reducing cortisol levels.


Cortisol is a stress hormone that is commonly associated with increased fat storage (especially in the abdominal area and love handles) and with being catabolic (breaking down muscle tissue).


B-Androstenetriol Highlights:

  • Supports Cortisol Control
  • Supports Fat Loss
  • Helps Preserve &/or Build Lean Muscle
  • Possibly Anti-Inflammatory Actions


Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Are you having a hard time losing fat?
  • Does your progress feel stuck in a rut?
  • Do you find yourself holding fat in your abdominal area and love handles?
  • Are you having a hard time building lean muscle?
  • Do you need or wish to retain lean muscle while dieting?


People that answer yes to any of the above questions may be interested in B-Androstenetriol.


Note: Suppress-C contains approximately 25 mg. B-Androstenetriol per 1 ml.


Does the name Suppress-C sound familiar?

The name Suppress-C was at one time synonymous with topical cortisol control products. So much so that Xtreme Performance Gels purchased the naming rights to Suppress-C to bring back this legendary name. If that isn’t exciting enough, Xtreme Performance Gels has acquired the rights to another legendary topical name/formulation and will be reintroducing it as well in the coming months.


Xperience the Suppress-C Difference Today!