5 Supplements to Help You Bulk Up For The Winter

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5 Supplements to Help You Bulk Up For The Winter
“Tis the season for making gains” - Gabby Landsverk
Building muscle and burning fat is normally a long process of cycles of bulking and cutting. Bodybuilders like to take in extra calories during the winter and using them for gains. Bulking season is the time of the year when you can allow your body to recover from cutting season over the Summer. During this time, you can focus on getting a surplus of calories, and get stronger. You can do this by either lifting heavier weights or performing more intense exercises. Take advantage of the cold weather. People are less concerned about body images when temperatures are lower. 
To help you reach your goals at the end of Bulking Season, Lockout Supplements offers a number of muscle enhancing products.
Here are 5 of our favorite muscle enhancers
Winstrol is made from a ProHormone which helps users increase lean muscle mass, increase gains in strength and muscle mass, and increase muscle hardness and vascularity. 
What will it do?
  • Help you gain muscle mass
  • Help you get a lean and sculpted look 
  • Help improve your athletic speed
  • Helps lower body fat
  • Helps the body increase in the amount of free testosterone
  • Helps increase energy & strength 
  • Helps build and maintain lean muscle
  • Helps the body speed up metabolism & heat production
  • Helps promote lean body mass & muscle development
  • Helps to increase activity of the thyroid gland
  • Helps to mimic and adjust the body's own natural hormonal strategies 
  • Contains no stimulants 
  • A cutting compound
  • Does not convert to estrogen
Blackstone Labs Recomp Rx is a body composition supplement which gives you the ability to swap fat for muscle. No longer do you need to jump through the arduous task of bulking and cutting, you now have the ability to reshape your body with Recomp Rx. Blackstone Labs utilizes SMEDS RXTM as an all new delivery system to get the maximum benefits of the extremely powerful ingredient Ursolic Acid. The SMEDS RXTM formula improves the oral bioavailability greatly. 
What will it do?
  • Helps your body build muscle and burn fat at the same time
  • Helps your body produce AALl Natural Anabolic / Anti-Catabolic
  • Helps your body increase bone strength by enhancing it’s natural IGF-1 activity
  • Helps decrease the conversion of blood sugar to body fat
  • Helps your body build muscle mass and increase muscle development
Blackstone Labs has brought back the Halo Elite, the ultra popular prohormone of the past. Due to the ban of many prohormones, they updated the formula. They are the first to enter the market with the phytoandrogen ingredient. This plant androgen is powerful and finally available at an ethical dose.
What will it do?
  • Helps you increase size and muscle
  • Helps you increase overall strength and power output
  • Helps to improve sexual desire and libido
EpiCat is a product that flips the genetic switch and makes you become the freak that nature had never intended. No changing you work out or even your diet, this product relies completely on the genetic modification that EpiCat does to make you build lean muscle. This is NOT a prohormone, unapproved substance, or a HGH. The key ingredient in EpiCat is the proprietary blend presented by epicatechin; a substance found naturally occurring in cocoa beans and commercially eaten in dark chocolate. 
What will it do?
  • Helps increase muscle mass and
  • Helps increase strength
  • Helps increase endurance and speed
  • Helps the body produce dry hard gains
  • Helps the body produce lean muscle
  • Can be used by men or women
  • Can be taken in 8+ week cycles
Epi-Plex's powerful results are because of epicatechin, which is a flavonol found in cacao. It's been gaining popularity in the bodybuilding world due to it helping inhibit myostatin in the body. Because myostatin is what is found in your skeletal muscle that inhibits you from building too much muscle. 
What will it do?
  • Helps increase the body’s myostatin inhibition
  • Helps increase strength
  • Helps the body produce lean muscle
  • Helps improve vascularity
  • Helps the body increase follistatin
  • Helps the body increase stamina
  • Helps decrease inflammation

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